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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Life sure passes by so fast.

I cannot believe it is January 15, 2015 already.  Time sure does fly.  My new goal this year is to post weekly.  Well as you can see that hasn't happen yet, but I am making the goal again starting today.  Today I want to just post some picture from the past few month's that have been happening in our lives.

On September 23,2014  I had a baby girl.  She weighed 7 pounds 11 oz.  19 in. long,  Her name is Aspynn Anne Moore.  Her middle name is after Clint's grandmas name Louanne.  She is not healthy and thought before she passed it would be a great honor to name her after her Great- Grandma.  Grandma Great is what we call her and she adores and love Aspynn so much.  Her favorite thing to do is feed her a bottle and snuggle her to sleep.  Taylynn loves her sister even though it has been a huge adjustment for her.  Being a only child for 5 years and then having to share  your parents has been a little hard for her, but she still loves and helps take care of her sister.

Taylynn started Kindergarten this year and love every minute of it.  She has learned so much and continues to learn everyday.

Thanksgiving My family came and stayed in Layton, Utah.  We took family pictures.  
My sister-in-law took them and I love them.  We had a fun few days together including my birthday, eating lots of food at my house, and black Friday shopping.

Christmas 2014 we spent with Clint's family.  We all stayed the night at their house and had Christmas together.  It was a lot of fun!

There was no snow until the night before Christmas!

Tay got dress up clothes and had to try them on. 

 Aspynn's first Chrismas! 

We went to the down town Ogden Christmas Village.  
It was so cold but, loved to look at all the houses and lights. 

We had a great Year and looking forward to what 2015 will bring us!

Monday, July 28, 2014

5 year old Pictures

Here are some pictures that I took of Taylynn on her 5th Birthday!!!!  I took lots of them and these are a few I narrowed it down to.  I love this little girl so much and she is such a great joy to our lives!!  

Update on Life

wow it has been a long time since I have updated my blog. Well, Clint and I are doing great! I am still working for Roy City and I am part time, but there for good. I am starting some programs for families in the city so that will be fun. I am loving my job. Thomas is coming home from his mission in one week and one day. I'm so excited to see him. He has been in South Africa for two years so it will be weird for him to be back in America. We are leaving from Utah and will be in Arizona on Nov. 9th, come see me at my parents house, or at church Thomas is speaking. That's a little update on life. Oh, if you want to order anything from creative memories let me know I need to put another order in within the next month. :)

Creative Memories Consultant

I became a Creative Memories Consultant on September 6, 2008. I am so excited to be one and help others bring their pictures that are put into a box into a scrapbook. If anyone is interested in buying any products to start their own or to help continue the one they have already started, just let me know. Thanks for your support

Family Visit

It was a great week last week my mom, sister, niece of two years old, and a new nephew of almost two weeks came and visited. Anabell the two year old always cute and we had a lot of fun together. My new nephew had such long redish brown hair. I have never seen that color before, but he is so cute and looks like my sister. We had fun visiting other family memebers uncles, aunts, and cousins that live in Utah! It was good to get to see them.

Kristy Moore ! How many have your name????
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How many have your name?

Clint Moore
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How many have your name?


My mom, Clints mother in-law, came and visited last weekend. We had a lot of fun. We went out to eat and suprised her and took her out to the famous restraunt MADDOX. They have the best rolls. We went shopping, hung-out, and had a bbq. Her friend from youth came and hung out with us as well. It was an enjoyable weekend full of FUN !


Just a little update on life! Kristy is Currently working for the City of Roy as an intern. There is a position for an administrative assistant that she has been helping out 8 hours a day until the position is filled. She applied for the job and hopes to get it. Guess we will find out in the next two weeks hopefully. Clint is doing good and working hard. He still works for ICI Paint, and does odd and end jobs for everyond else. He is good at it! We are teaching sunday school and loving it. It is such a learning experience and the kids are so smart. Utah is nice do to the fact it isn't as hot as Arizona. But there are day's it gets really hot. That is life in a nutshell.


We got married in the Mesa Arizona Temple on May 17, 2008. We had a reception in Arizona and then on May 24, 2008 had a reception in Utah. These are the pictures from Utah. I have not yet recieved the pictures from Arizona, but I hope to soon.

Picture in front of the BEAST !

family at the reception waiting for it to start

My Cute Sister's
My photo
Established May 17, 2008 in the Mesa, Arizona temple For Time and All Eternity. Nov 2008 we found out we are going to welcome a new little one into our home on July 21, 2009

Wedding Cake

Cup Cakes with chocolate stars


We went on our honeymoon to Steamboat Springs Colorado!!! We stayed in a nice resort. It was very nice there!

Honeymoon in Steamboat Springs Colorado

Honeymoon in Steamboat Springs Colorado
250ft. waterfall it was beautiful !

Eating by the river

Eating by the river
We eat KFC yummy !!!!!

Dont worry we are wearing bathing suits!!!

Dont worry we are wearing bathing suits!!!

the Hotsprings were amazing

Since both of us lived in two different states Kristy spent a few days in utah with Clint and then Clint spent a few days in Arizona. This picture is us walking around Downtown Glendale looking at all the Christmas Lights!

Wedding Day!

Kristy & Clint are getting Married May 17, 2008 in the Mesa Arizona Temple. The next day they leave for Steamboat Springs Colorado for their Honeymoon. There they will have so much fun ( pictures will be posted after). Then they fly to Utah on May 22, 2008 really late at night. Then on May 24, 2008 they are having a reception up in Utah.

We are so excited to get married and be able to live in the same state!!!!!!!

Our Engagement pictures!


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